Mark Wyngaard

For over 20 years I have worked alongside International companies to concentrate on developing leadership, potential, individual performance, self-enhancement and accountability. My passion is people and I believe that coaching is essential to growing individuals and organisations. Our success is based on the ‘I CAN DO’ model. 

Having run teams for the likes of British Telecom, the 2 Oceans Aquarium and Vodacom Corporate Mark has a wealth of people skill knowledge. With over 4000 coaching hours under his belt, Mark holds a coaching diploma (LCH Dip: IIC & Association of Coaching) from Curly Martin, the best-selling author and pioneer of life/business coaching in Europe.

Mark is also an NLP practitioner and his qualification (was attained from one of the most prominent companies in NLP training today, “NLP World”.
Time Based Techniques Practitioner
Hypnosis Practitioner: AIP

As a qualified Integrative Enneagram practitioner (Integrative 9), we are well placed to help you with profiling your staff members and how they each operate within your team!

What our Clients say…

It was an absolute pleasure being on your training and development course. I enjoyed the manner in which the course was conducted, which did not put unnecessary stress on me but freed me up to be more receptive and creative. You brought many things into very sharp focus without even making me feel self-conscious – the focus was certainly spot on.We zoomed in on many important facts and discussed many important principles e.g. how to continuously attack a problem from every angle without giving up, thereby ensuring success. It is definitely a tool that works and more companies should employ the techniques that you use to assist their employees because there is success in that waiting for them. Mentoring is big in my books and these sessions just made me realize why – I saw that other development values can be pulled out of these sessions as well.

Roshan Singh

Unit Manager, Sea Harvest Corporation (Pty) Ltd

Our Vision

To be recognized as the leaders behind the change in the investment of people, through the principles of Coaching.

Our Mission

To empower staff members with the knowledge & tools to be self-directed, pro-active & accountable.