About MW Coaching

Are you currently asking any of these questions?

* Why are our sales declining?
* Are you recruiting the right staff?
* How do we keep our sales staff motivated?
* Is it possible for our sales staff to take Ownership & Accountability?
* Paying a fortune to recruit?
* Do we have the right Sales Manager?
* Do we potentially need Coaching or Training?
* Are we struggling with remuneration or commission structures?
* Do we need help with performance management?
* Where can we make improvements and how quickly can we do so?
* What is the best system for us to manage our operation?
* Why can’t all of our sales people / managers perform equally well?
* Why has training alone not delivered the results we wanted?

If these questions resonate with your current situation and you are questioning any of these areas then an MW Coaching Audit will provide an objective, practical, evidence-based report on how effective your sales and marketing strategy is as well as how well it is being implemented ‘on-the-ground’.

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With over 22 year’s international sales experience, Mark Wyngaard has worked with many companies to concentrate on developing leadership potential, individual performance, self-enhancement and accountability. Mark has been involved in various aspects of sales management for over 21 years – running both internal and external sales teams, varying in size from 1 to 100 staff. His passion is people and believes that coaching is essential to growing individuals and organisations.

We understand the dynamics of business and how departments interlink.  We have the ability to strategically link these departments in order to create the ideal sales force and sales management structure.

We help your organisation resulting in effective organisation processes and sales staff evaluation.  We specialise in interlinking departments, finding loop holes in processes and therefore allowing you to manage the process and not the people.  Our success is based on the ‘I CAN DO’ model.  Having run sales revenues for the likes of British Telecom, The 2 Oceans Aquarium and Vodacom Corporate Mark has a wealth of sales knowledge.

Mark holds a qualification from Curly Martin, the best-selling author and pioneer of life/business coaching in Europe. Mark is also a NLP practitioner and his qualification was attained from one of the most prominent companies in NLP training today, “NLP World”. As a qualified Integrative Enneagram practitioner we are well placed to help you with profiling your staff members and how they each operate within your team!

Let us help you recruit the right people for the right jobs!

Our Vision:

To be recognized as the leaders behind the change in the investment of people, through the principles of Business Coaching!

Our Mission:

Sales Coaching & Training is the most effective way of achieving positive change and consistent results.  We specialise in finding solutions that work for your unique environment.