Business in a Box

Start your own business and be a part of one of the fastest growing and rewarding industries around! We teach You how to unleash Your true potential and overcome all the negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs that stop You from owning your very own successful business!

Now is a great time to start a Coaching business and become your own boss! Not as a franchise but as your own business. This is important because franchise businesses have exact models you must follow and large down payments which can eat into your start up finances. Our Business in a Box Coaching diploma teaches you how to coach, how to build your business and how to market yourself. In addition to this we have a flexible framework to support your change of career.

What does Business in a Box consist of?

    • Coaching diploma with International Accreditation with IIC&M
    • Full L.C.H. Diploma qualification.
    • A personal one on one with our head coach Mark Wyngaard on what to expect and
      how best to start your new adventure!
    • The set-up of a quality website
    • Website Hosting for 1 year
    • Logo Design
    • Set up of Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other applicable digital communication platforms.
    • 15 x Weekly One on One coaching (Face to face or via Skype).
    • Marketing materials marketing strategy, business start-up strategy for your life coaching practice, coaching log and final assessment.  And wait ….. Plus….
    • Assistance with the creation of your individual niche marketing strategy. This will enable you to focus your marketing efforts and target specific prospects for your life coaching practice which will accelerateyour marketing responses and coaching clients.
    • Financial planning, goal setting, Swat analyses etc.
    • A Business Coaching Starter Kit – (includes enrollment/registration forms, client contracts, coaching model forms, strategy forms, client preparation forms,
      agreement letters, etc.) Forms which you will need to instantly set up a successful Coaching practice.
    • You will learn how to promote and grow a Life Coaching practice through networking,
      referrals, covering all basic business and marketing principles.
    • A copy of “RELEASE THE Entrepreneur IN YOU”

Self-study modules.Your Life Coaching manual/workbook:

The manual contains 8 fully accredited, comprehensive self-study modules.

Total study time is a maximum of 300-350 hours including reading,
workbook completion, marketing materials and strategy, start-up of your life coaching practice, coaching log and final assessment. When you complete the course you will be awarded the LCH Diploma, this prestigious award will acknowledge your commitment to your profession and demonstrates to the world that you have trained with MW Coaching the ground-breaking pioneers of life coaching training.

Many of our graduates have secured coaching contracts because they proudly
announce they have been specially trained by MW Coaching. The diploma is a
tried and tested blueprint for success which we have converted into a step-by-step training programme.

We know that learning from work or home can offer the flexibility that some people need in order to achieve something that may otherwise be out of their reach.
You will need to manage your time and apply willpower, which is why we ensure you are not alone.
You have access to our expert Coach and Mentor, Mark Wyngaard.

We offer a complete A to Z solution to you becoming a coach and opening your successful business.

This is not just a course or information…it is a life changing experience!

Diploma includes:

  • A guided reading schedule to prepare you for the models and strategies used during life coaching.
  • You will receive a signed copy of The Life Coaching Handbook. Everything you need to be an effective life coach.
  • You will be sent the Goal Planning activity for you to complete your goal plan on how to introduce life coaching into your life with maximum results and minimum disruption.
  • In addition to this you will receive a copy of the CD/DVD set which includes 3 visual/audio CD’s (visual media on your computer) of highlights of ALL the 9 sessions of LIVE training with demonstrations of all models used.
  • All the recorded (including live) master classes volume 1 & 2 on CD in mp3 format for you to listen to time again which include a huge variety of coach improvement topics.
  • You will be eligible for membership to the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring (IIC&M). MW Coaching has negotiated a rate for our coaches to this prestigious professional accreditation body. We have also negotiated the right for our coaches to use the International Coaching Institute’s logo on marketing materials (IIC&M members only).
    This is a hugely valuable benefit and a ta very low cost.
    Imagine your business cards with your logo and the logo of this prestigious coaching organisation.
    What an impact this will have on your prospective clients!

Our aim is to keep your life in balance whilst growing your practice.


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