Our Clients

“It was an absolute pleasure being on your training and development course. I enjoyed the manner in which the course was conducted, which did not put unnecessary stress on me but freed me up to be more receptive and creative. You brought many things into very sharp focus without even making me feel self-conscious – the focus was certainly spot on.We zoomed in on many important facts and discussed many important principles e.g. how to continuously attack a problem from every angle without giving up, thereby ensuring success. It is definitely a tool that works and more companies should employ the techniques that you use to assist their employees because there is success in that waiting for them. Mentoring is big in my books and these sessions just made me realize why – I saw that other development values can be pulled out of these sessions as well.” – Roshan Singh | Sea Harvest Corporation (Pty) Ltd

“I met Mark about 18 months ago and attended his Sales Coaching for a few months. I found the sessions so motivational that I have decided to start doing them with Mark again! I find that he keeps me focused and goal orientated.” – Avron Commercial Industrial Properties cc

“The changes in my life since I have started life coaching have been very evident and created a momentum towards change, and Mark’s coaching has helped me harness and focus that energy. Our weekly sessions have given me greater clarity about my goals and help keep me focussed on achieving them. I’ve integrated a method of prioritising that actually works for me, and learnt how to break down seemingly overwhelming projects into manageable daily tasks. And having someone other than my manager to hold me accountable for those daily or weekly tasks has played a big role in increasing my productivity and integrity.”  – Tara Lerner