Is your sales team really selling?

Are you getting the results you want from your sales team?

Is your sales team  communicating the best they can with your clients?



Then you need MW Coaching’s Full Day Powerhouse Sales Workshop.

Let expert Sales Coach Mark Wyngaard take your sales team (up to 8 Delegates) on  an interactive sales training experience of a lifetime.  This jam packed full day sales training course will fire up your sales team like never before and see them achieve sales you could never imagine.

Send your team to MW Coaching for a day and you will reap the rewards for years to come

At MW Coaching we know how to train people to become effective salespeople. Training both individuals or full sales team all our training generally includes the following modules:

What is your Big Picture?

What gets you up in the morning?

STOP making Excuses

Like the saying goes “If you believe it to be true, you Right!”

Suspecting & Prospecting

Whats the difference?


Canvassing is important as breathing within Sales!

Data Base building

Canvasing with purpose.

Pipeline Planning

Forecast in advance.

Know your Closing Ratio’s

What activity is required on a daily basis?

Cold Calling, Appointment Setting

Change the way you feel about Cold Calling

Building Rapport

People buy People!

Mirror & Matching Body Language

People like people like themselves.


Body Language.

Speaking our Clients Language

Understanding our clients view of their World!

Deep Listening Skills

Listening at deeper levels is an art.

Back-Tracking & Decision making process

Human beings have an innate desire to be appreciated, validated, and understood.

Matching our Clients Needs

Don’t dump your Tool box!

Up-Selling & Closing

Wants & Needs.

Handling Objections

Objections are questions.

Goal Setting & being Pro-Active


Time & Diary Management

Double your Productivity!

Find your Purpose

Our Why.

Voted one of SA’s Top Sales Trainers Mark Wyngaard will mold, shape and groom your sales team for success using decades of international and local experience. The Full Day Powerhouse Sales Workshop is the key to open up and grow your sales and support teams. As Mark always says “Small keys open big doors”

Every candidate receives a certificate and the Half Day Powerhouse Sales Workshop for business is tailored to meet your business or industry needs. For more information on the Half Day Powerhouse Sales Workshop that will see your sales team or contact us today. We will match the workshop to your industry needs.

Look what our clients say:


Mark Wyngaard from MW Coaching comes very highly recommended for all your sales training & coaching needs.  His methods really get the mental juices flowing and create a powerful and positive energy amongst the team. His training is content rich and relevant, achieving tangible results.

My sales team are now highly motivated and are finally achieving their targets!

 Thank you Mark. 

Candice Fraser (MIEA, CEA, NQF5) – Principal & Owner – Fine & Country Western Seaboard