In-House Coaching


The in-house coaching Course is a tried and tested blueprint for success in introducing Coaching into “The Work Place”
that we have converted into a step-by-step training programme. This course is perfect Untitled-4for any of the following:  Executives, Managers, Business Owners, Team Leaders, Sales Teams, Supervisors, HR and Identified Leaders.

The modern workplace is a competitive, productive environment in which a broad diversity of skills, knowledge and actions are demanded of employees. Traditional methods of management and learning are now no longer fully able to meet these demands and this has created an opening for the discipline of Coaching to enter the workplace.

Managers are no longer experts in all areas of the work they are responsible for managing. They no longer hold as tight a rein or command on employee’s work; instead they have to create an environment which fosters the employees’ desire to produce their best work using initiative and self-motivation. This new reality is one of management partnership rather than dictatorship.

In-house Coaching is an effective and flexible means of meeting many of the managerial, developmental and learning needs within the workplace. In order to truly help, inspire and shift the consciousness of people, we need to have great skills, techniques and knowledge. All our delegates are trained and mentored personally by our head
coach Mark Wyngaard.

Coaching is not a quick fix solution but a way of working, thinking and ‘being’ that has to become a part of the workplace on a daily basis. MW Coaching will help to introduce coaching into “The Work Place” with maximum results and minimum disruption.

Benefits of using an Internal (Line Manager) as Coach:

  • Internal Coaches are familiar with company culture, strategy, vision, etc.
  • Develops ‘in-house’ expertise minimising the need to ‘buy­-in’ external resources
  • More cost-effective financially
  • Way more accessible on a more frequent and long-term basis
  • Supports shared leadership responsibilities
  • Enhances reputation for developing people
  • Provides more opportunities for delegation
  • Frees up time to pursue visioning, team building and recognising employees

Training employees as Coaches should not be limited to a one off event, but should include opportunities in the continuous development of Coaching skills, occasion to apply skills and provision of support sessions to develop Coaches’ ability. Why pay tens of thousands on external coaches when you can have your own?

MW Coaching are members of COMENSA and all delegates will receive a MW Coaching  “In-House Coaching” certificate. The coaching course consists of 15 x 90 minute training sessions over a 3 month period including 1 x 60 minutes pre-course Mentoring and 3 x 60 minute post course “Coach the Coach” follow up.


 “When our company told me we were going to be trained as an In-House Coach, I was curious on what impact this would have on me and my staff and all I can say is WOW, what an amazing journey and the development we have had is amazing! Thank you for always being there for us and the on-going support through this process” – James Whyte

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