Sales Coaching

Sales coaching is not about text book skills, it is about using different approaches to meet business needs and is the most effective way to boost work performance!

Our coaching focuses on outcomes linked to the business and organisational goals.

Our coaching & mentoring includes helping your staff with Strategy and how to be Pro-Active while encouraging motivation and the know-how which leads to better performance management.

We also assist with structure and team building.  We understand both company objectives and individual concerns and encourage buy-in which handles the retention and productivity issues that many organisations face.

Part of our strategy includes:

  • Assessing sales teams and interlinking departments
  • Developing a team or individual coaching plan and executing it
  • Streamlining procedures
  • Recruiting the right sales staff
  • Developing sales focused measurement KPI tools to track sales on a weekly/monthly basis
  • Developing commission structures that motivate
  • Performance management
  • Sales motivation
  • Departmental integration
  • Lead generation
  • Sales management coaching
  • Setting up a sales team from scratch
  • Structural changes and integration
  • Recruiting sales staff that fit your culture and expectation
  • Your remuneration and rewards system
  • Enneagram Profiling
  • Sales strategy as a whole
  • Reporting system
  • Running effective Sales meetings

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